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Contemporary Circus, Clown, Variety, Extravaganza, Family

OCT 10 - OCT 14
CIRQUE DU SOLEIL View all events

Event held at Pacific Coliseum

100 N Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC Get directions
Tickets start at $55
Wed, Oct-10 7:30 pm
Thu, Oct-11 7:30 pm
Fri, Oct-12 3:30 pm | 7:30 pm
Sat, Oct-13 3:30 pm | 7:30 pm
Sun, Oct-14 1:00 pm | 5:00 pm

The clown Mauro has passed, but his spirit is still with us. Instead of mourning, the funeral cortege celebrates the here and hereafter with laughter and exuberance. Rich, extravagant memories frolic with the senses. The sound of laughter peals around the stage, visions of joyous tumblers and players fascinate the eyes. Regret and melancholy... read more


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