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Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare, Tragedy, Drama

AUG 3 - SEP 24
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Event held at Howard Family Stage; under the tent in Vanier Park

1695 Whyte Ave, Vancouver, BC Get directions
Tickets from $27
(Tues - Sun) | Preview - $10 off

Performances at 7:30PM
Select Weekend Matinees at 2:00PM

Directed by Anita Rochon (Cymbeline, 2014)

Shakespeare spins a tragic and timeless story of two young people who fall deeply in love, in spite of a bitter feud that divides their families. Their passion – and Juliet’s courage – never fail to move and inspire us. And today more than ever, the play’s “two households alike in dignity” are a powerful reminder that with love, even the... read more


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