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James McMurtry (TX)

JUL 13
Vancouver Folk Music Festival View all events

Event held at Jericho Beach Park - MAIN STAGE

3941 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC Get directions
Fri 13th - 5.05 - 5.50pm - STAGE 4
Fri 13th - 8.40pm - MAIN STAGE

Singer-songwriter enthusiasts of the world, rejoice! James McMurtry is coming to town.

He’s been touring around America a lot this year, opening for Americana all-star Jason Isbell, who says McMurtry is one of his very few favourite songwriters on earth. Isbell goes on, “James has that rare gift of being able to make a listener laugh out loud at one line and choke up at the next. I don’t think anybody writes better lyrics.” “... read more


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