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Arts Vista makes discovering arts and cultural events in the most exciting cities of the world, easier and more enjoyable than ever before. By showcasing video previews of the very best events in art, dance, music, opera, film, theatre, and festivals, Arts Vista allows YOU to soak in the scene. And tickets are just a click away!

Discover. Preview. Book. Enjoy.

Search and Discover

Arts Vista makes it easy to discover and like things you never knew existed! Browse based on rating, location, date, price and genre. Then simply preview an event, get a ticket and fall in love!

Movie Trailers of the Arts

Watch trailers, interviews, or behind the scenes footage before attending an event.

Your Arts Vista

Arts Vista lets you find the events YOU love and discover new ones. Based on your personal taste profile and viewing history, Arts Vista will provide recommendations tailored to your interests and preferences. Plus,

  • Save events to your Favourites
  • Control notifications on upcoming events
  • Share dates and reviews with friends
  • Discover others who share similar interests
  • Follow venues that interest you

Rate, Review, Recommend

Browse reviews and see what your friends think. Post your own reviews, rate events, and make your own recommendations.


Buy tickets quickly and easily, straight from here. Arts Vista lets you link directly to the event’s official ticketing website. But don't forget to come back and rate the event!

Reach a dedicated audience of users. Some you never knew you had.

An Arts Portal worthy of your Productions

Arts Vista presents your arts events in a high quality, accessible, easy to use interactive format. Start showcasing your venue with a lineup of exciting events.

Post for free

The best things in life are free right? We won't argue! Arts Vista is free for your organization or venue to use, no strings attached. Simply create a profile and away you go!

Video is better

Entertain and inform your audience through videos of performances, interviews with artists, or go behind the scenes and tell your story. Deliver more detail in less time with videos that are easy to find and share with an audience that is constantly on the go.

Grow your audience

Promote the event, connect with your audience, and have the event reviewed. Based on user-selected preferences, your event will be targeted to the right people. Let them share your event with others and watch your tickets sales soar!

Targeted Advertising

Advertising with Arts Vista is a great opportunity to reach an engaged and discerning audience of arts lovers and cultural tourists. Ads are targeted to arts audiences, their lifestyles and interests.